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Bridget Toth

I can soooo relate. My 'dog alarm' works the same way LOL

Daniel Johnson, Jr.

I found this post thoroughly entertaining!

Wow. I'm only a Dad of one, and I now see how easy I have it!

Marina @ Yummy Mummy

I'm glad I'm not the only one up at 5:30 :)
I love your blog! Found you through bloggy moms and am now following. I hope you'll enjoy my blog and follow along!

Elizabeth Resendez

lol mornings!!eh, I'm not a morning person... and not that I can't get out of bed it just takes my brain a few hrs to function. Love this post tho it made my morning today..haha. Anyway I found you on Bloggy moms so if you have time come check out mine, I'm 37wks pregnant right now so posts have been limited :/



This post makes my mornings feel easy. :)

Found you on bloggymoms...



12 feet on the floor image is priceless~

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