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I have often thought that people with ADD are the ones who actually get everything done!

Jane Gelbard

Since you somehow accomplish more in just one day than most of us mere mortals accomplish in a week, I would have to say that for you ADD stands for

Dar Burgard

Having been accused more than once of being a " bunny watcher " I certainly got a kick out of this~! I have to go to areas to work where I am not distracted by too much stuff sitting around. It explains a lot of things about me that I never understood before. Love your lighthearted attitude and dedication. Of course I also loved the line about when you saw the house....

Daniel Johnson, Jr.

LOL! I was notified via email of your comment on a blog post, which I checked via phone. I came over here and read this post but had forgotten to comment. So, now, back at the computer, came back to this post and now comment.

I'm thankful for ADHD medicine as it works to reduce the static in my mind. :)

Kelli aka One Blonde

Wow thanks for the little chuckle & positive/happy spin on ADD. I have continuously wondered if I too have it but maybe, it being a mild enough case that it was undiagnosed. But of the general symptoms it would make sense. We always said with me & now even with my daughter Oooh shiney object.

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