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My favorite story so far!!!!!!

Clayton Thomas

Loved the post. It's cool for kids to be involved in their dad's passion. Stay safe though!!!



I have to admit, my mind is reeling a little at the thought of you even letting Little Hannah shoot a bow and arrow, let alone her doing it! That is so AWESOME!!! Remember, this is coming from the one who was the first girl to shoot a clay pidgeon in P.E.--wearing a dress no less! Love ya! Keep 'em coming!

One Blonde

LOL thats awesome! I'm w/you thou I'm from Jersey so the whole bambi thing doesn't sit well w/me either.
As long as its fake i'm totally cool w/it thou. I can't wait to see what else my little one wants to get into when she gets a bit older. Daddy is not an outdoorsman, more a computer nerd, so being only 5 she already knows how to turn the computer on & connect to the network & everything.
Anywho's I'm you're newest GFC follower nice to meet ya!

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