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Jennifer C.

You are funny! I am your newest follower. Check out my blog: diaperderby.blogspot.com


LOL! I love parents :)

I'm following.


Kenda Smith

New follower from BloggyMoms - hope you'll come by and say hello! :) TheCaffeineCoquette dot com

Clayton Thomas

Really made me laugh. Can't blame you a bit for your views. Look forward to future posts!



Dear Jody,

LMAO really an apt description! You are very talented. You should stop by and read the Mama Bird Diaries - I think you guys have some things in common.



Found you on bloggy moms. Hilarious. Although I can only imagine the craziness of all those kids...my two boys though do give me a run for my money! Visit me anytime! www.stinkerpinker.com OR I run a shop for my Scentsy biz at www.thesweetscentshop.com :-) I send free samples and catalogs! ~Kimberly


Great piece and great blog. So glad I found you on Bloggy Moms! Glad you got a few moments with your husband, I just got to experince a whole converstion with mine about a month ago and it is so nice to remember that I really like the guy I married! I look foward to reading more from you!



And I thought my life was hectic with just one! p.s. vacation for my little one comes with the same mixed feelings. It's such a happy/sad occasion!

Jane Gelbard

I am so impressed by your wonderful writing and brilliant wit! I just sat Arlen down to read him some of these and he enjoyed them as much as I did...definitely a book in the making!!!


laughing out loud

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