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Jane Mosher

Jody, this is a classic. But don't count on 18 years unless you are very strong-minded, and that I know you are. Had a call this morning from granddaughter--I get almost one a day. "Help! Baby just projectile vomited!" Time to bite my tongue, right?

Lori (Lola)

12 year olds rock, don't they? I LOVE the eye roll more than anything else. Personally, if I were my kid? I'd do what I (Mom) said the first time just to make me (Mom) shut the hell up. By the way, I can't believe you are raising SIX kids! I salute you! No, I bow down to you! Better yet? Let me refill your wine glass for you!

On another note, thanks for putting my button here! I really appreciate it!

Melanie Bradish

Hilarious! I especially love the photo posted at the end! Did he take that himself?!

Jody Hoffman

Oh Vanita, we should definitely have some tequila! (although I do prefer rum...) Your comments about 12 year old girls are not particularly comforting as in a few years I will have 3 OF THEM!!! I did, at one point, sharpie my then-3-year-old when he was attending his first preschool field trip! I'd like to think I've grown, but I'd probably do it again if Bill would let me.


Trust me Darlin' 12 year old girls are no bloody better. Also? 13 year old girls and 14 year old girls stink too. Bloody tweens/teens. They SWEAR they know EVERYTHING and we're too old to know better and we're cramping their style. Style? What style? I still pick out your clothes and pay for them. And that shrug and face make me bonkers. you and i need to have tequila shots at lunch!


AWESOME!!! Just wait til he turns 13! I'm thinking on Sunday I will bring my scrapbook of him and Josh when Your 12-Year-Old was only about 12 days old! Of course, he'll probably just shrug and roll his eyes...

Jess Norman

Love your blogs, Jody!!! Always read them first thing in the morning!!! Hope your vacation is going well!!!

Jody Hoffman

Sandy, Thank you for your kind words. That is exactly how I hoped my stories would be received. I think we all need to find the humor in parenting - after all, we're all in it together (and for about 18 years)!

Sandie Owen

I so look forward to each entry in this blog. You have a talent at bringing the human condition of family life up front and personal and I am sure the reality check helps all that read this blog get through the day knowing they are not alone when they relate to one or more events.


LOVE the video insert! And just the right amount of time - short and sweet!

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