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Ed Hochhalter

Good job! You should get your teeth checked sometime later. Letting that toothache drag on won't be pleasant the longer you avoid the dentist.


Wow! I'm impressed! it would take me more than a summer to get all that done! You go mama!

Ro @ Mommy MindSpa

Oh my goodness!! You go girl!!! My kids are still in school for another 3 weeks. And then my fun will begin!!
You definitely deserve a Mom-ME Moment. Check out my site for lots of fun ideas!
Enjoy your summer!!
Ro :)


Man, I hope that's not an indication of how the rest of your summer will go. We do as little as possible. Of course I only have 2 kids, 7 and 4.

For a while there I thought H wouldn't get out until the end of June. Bama has had it rough this year. They missed a bunch of snow days then when the tornadoes hit April 27th they missed another week. Thank goodness they didn't have to make that up.

Enjoy your 3 months!!



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