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Your post made me laugh out loud!!! I think we could switch pocketbooks and not even realize the difference! It's funny, I'm from Mansfield, MA and my husband and I both grew up in Sharon. However, my husband was born in South Dakota - funny, funny! Thanks for posting my Twin*tastic button, I grabbed yours as well. Your site is so funny, I'll definitely keep reading!

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My purse contents are:
Burberry Wallet
Gate remote
Car keys
Round medicine case
Sinus medicine
2 pens
Watch (that I take on and off)
MAC compact
2 lipsticks
Hair tie
Pepper Spray
Extra Dessert Delights Sugarfree gum in Mint Chocolate Chip


Jeez, this reminds me I need to clean out purse and diaper bag! Scared to look!

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lol! love it. I once won a contest at a movie showing for having crayons in my purse....the guy thought he was being cheeky...but alas...I stood tall and proud holding out my crayons!

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