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I really like reading your blog, but shock collars are inhumane and are starting to be outlawed in certain states.


Haha, I shouldn't love this post as I much as I do but this is spectacular. Thanks for share it, I love it so much!

Following from Totally Tuesday, come stop by Thing Sent My Way!

Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

Terry Edwards

Following back. Thank you for stopping by & following :)


This is one of my favorites so far! Hard to laugh with 8 sleeping babies everywhere, so I am silently LOL-ing!


We thought about those collars for our dogs. Thanks for the heads-up...I will order the manual's extented version lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog..following you back!


Diane Bradish

Now this made my day! Love the way you write, you need to put out a book. I'd buy it, especially if you put it on an eBook site! Hugs, Diane

Kathy Biesheuvel

Laughing so hard I nearly made a puddle on the floor that resembles your dog's souvenir. Great stuff, Jody.

Barb Proper

I love this story! You are soo fun....Keep em coming...

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