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Leslie B.

Check your closets. My mom aslo had a moment of weakness and let us get hamsters when my sister and I were little. Along with cavies and rabbits. Which my rabbits then blossomed into 4-h projects and I eventually had a breeding stock of over 30...but this is besides the point.

Check the closets. My our hamster escaped from its cage, ran rampid through the house, and eventually we found it in my sister's closet. Where it ate all of her prom/homecoming dresses (the bottoms anyway). It started in my closet and ate through the insulation around the hotwater baseboards...insulation..everywhere...

Good luck!


this? hilarious.
your children? brilliant.
you? sucker.


Jody, I had a hamster as a kid and when he would escape, we'd put a trail of cheerios out -- that was always a favorite treat. good luck!


Hi, I'm a new follower from VB.


Oh, sweetie, I'll be there is a couple of weeks...with rum. Love you, and keep the funny coming.

Emily O.

Lure him into a bucket. Pile a few books to act as steps into a bucket, make sure it is a high bucket that they cant climb out of. Put a piece of paper on the top (Don't hold it down in anyway, your hamster will climb onto it and will fall into the bucket). Lure him in with hamster food lining up to the top,and a small pile of food onto the paper. Put a towel or shavings on the bottom to cushion your hamster when it falls in. Put some food, a gnawing block or a heating pad inside the bucket or box. You will eventually find the hamster in the bucket.

Google rules.


I am laughing out loud with tears running down my face! Thanks for this morning's chuckle!

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