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I love this! I remember playing Life as a kid and feeling grown up just by playing. Little did I know......
Anywho, you keep making me laugh and I so appreciate an East coast girl living in South Dakota so I wanted to let you know I am passing along the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Come check it out!!


I definitely agree with the playing-a-game-instead-of-studying-for-a-test thing. I don't think half of the kids here even know what studying is.

Cathy Flynn

I have a minivan that seats seven, and I'm constantly having to double buckle an eighth for a playdate. Why can't I have a car like in the Game of Life where I can just shove as many pink and blue pegs into the car as I can? It doesn't matter if there's a slot for them. Pile in, gang.


I need the "Get out of Guinea pig ownership free" card!

Karen Devlin

Another wonderful story, Jody. Thanks for sharing. I am SO happy to see that SOME families do still play BOARD games.

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