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I'm with the first person that posted...my dog! He is a Lab/Mastif mix and is sooo fun.


I would use this to print a poster of... what else? MY PUPPY!!! Also, I never win anything - so I'm definately not holding my breath - but I thought since I always read your blog I might as well give it a try!

Beth Lewandowski

I would get a poster of the first picture I took with Paul right after he proposed in Bermuda. We need to fill up the walls on our new home (hopefully we'll be getting it sooner than later!) :)

Leslie B.

I also 'liked' uprinting.com on facebook.

Leslie B.

I would blow up one of our mountain scapes from my husband and I's honeymoon in Alaska. Alaska is like no other place I've ever been- a truely untouched landscape. Beautiful! Like a real life Jurrasic Park! (Without the dinosaurs...)

Sarah Nelson

I would love to have this picture turned into a poster:


It is two of my cats. :)

[email protected]

Emily O.

My husband and I are learning Cued Speech to help our son with his communication disorder. It was designed as a literacy tool for use with deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Its a system of hand signals that creates a visual representation of spoken phonemes. People who experience difficulty with auditory discrimination, like my son, have had success also.

A poster of the Cue Chart would be a great visual aide to help us as we are becoming fluent, and show visitors to our home how we supplement communication.


Thanks for running the contest... what with your extra FREE TIME and all! ;-)

Em O.

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